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We are just a bunny family in the wonderful local rescue community of Vancouver, BC, Canada


It all began with my bunny Tiny's inability to eat fresh fruit without undesirable digestive issues ensuing.  I decided to make her a hay based treat with low fruit content so she could still enjoy a treat. I began taking some to rescues and it evolved into a business which supports rescue through our wholesale program.

Our hay is hand cut and ground using kitchen grade tools and the grains are organic and ground in-house.  Our vegetables contain no stems or spines to facilitate optimum nutrition. The pumpkins are organically grown and processed in the fall, we do not use any canned fruit.


There are no additives or preservatives used in our treats. The treats are baked and then further dried to ensure longevity.

I put the same amount of love in every batch as I would for my own rabbits because that is what all rabbits deserve, the best we can offer!

Our toys are made from kiln-dried balsa only and flavored with not from concentrate, no sugar added fruit juices.

 We don't carry inventory so most orders need to be freshly baked.

We greatly appreciate all the support and wonderful stories of the love for the treats and toys.

We hope your bunnies or other small animals enjoy our products and thank you for your trust in our company to provide your little one's treats and toys.

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