Romaine - Pumpkin - Bell Pepper

The smaller version, perfect for the single bunny household.


Although a very loved choice in the guinea pig community, the Bell Pepper treats are never snubbed in this house of bunnies when offered!


One of our lowest fruit sugar choices with less than 3 grams from pumpkin per large package.


Timothy Hay Based Preservative and Additive-Free treats.


We don't use pellets in our treats, each strand of hay is hand cut, then ground.


Ground Timothy Hay, Romaine, Pumpkin, Organic Oat Groat Flour, Organic Barley Flour, Bell Pepper

per 100 g

Protein minimum 13%
Fat minimum 4%
Fiber maximum 11%
Moisture maximum 5%

Recommended feeding 1-2 biscuits daily

Treats should not exceed 5% of a pet's diet

2 oz package 

Approximate shelf life is 4 months.


Romaine - Pumpkin - Bell Pepper