Tyke, Rascal and Knox



I can't say enough good things about NutriNoms.  Our rabbits have been having these yummy treats for about 1 year now.  This is a nightly adventure.  As soon as they hear the TV go off they get all excited for the NutriNom.  Marley begs like a dog, Rascal, Tyke, Knox start running in circles and growl and Popcorn just starts running back and forth.  We never get tired of this nightly ritual. These treats are truly made with love!!! and so healthy for the rabbits.  Thanks Bonnie


Your #1 Fan/Customers!!!!


Lucier Family xoxo

Tiny Bunny






Nutrinoms are honestly amazing. My bunnies love them and I feel good about feeding them a high-quality product. I use to look at the ingredients on other treats and be disappointed, but not anymore. When they hear the treat jar, Toby and Tiggy come running. If Tiggy can't find me she runs around thumping. The two of them have almost chomped on my fingers a few times because they like them so much. We highly recommend Nutrinoms


 Toby, Tiggy, and Tori






 This is Lily!! Nutrinoms are the only requested treat in our house, she enjoys them so much! Bonnie is absolutely wonderful to work with and really knows what the bunnies like!! We have been customers for almost 2 years and will be forever customers, according to Lily the treats are delicious and are baked with love-literally they’re heart shaped! 

Harley & Harry

"Thanks so much Bonnie for your delightful customer support and for your dedication to making NUTRINOMS!

Pikachu really enjoys them as treats for his rabbit agility training!"

Grinch Toes